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Rach Wilson Divine Relating

About Rach

Relationship Coach For Couples

With Special Needs Kids!

With 16+ years of professional experience Rach isn’t your typical Relationship or Transformation Coach but is a mum of 4, her 2 youngest both autistic, non-verbal, with diet limitations and a side of sensory challenges, just for fun..

Married for the second time to her current husband since 2003, they have sailed through the usual life challenges but never struggled more than they did through “hell year” with their littles and the health and behavioural challenges they brought.  

Having survived that and still be together (feels miraculous) inspired Rach to focus on the couples who have the highest break up rate – Couples with special needs kids!

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What Rach’s Clients Say About Her

I hadn’t seen how this relationship was effecting my finances…

Rach had pointed out an area of my life that I was completely blocking. I hadn’t seen how this personal relationship gone sour was effecting my financials. As I was leaving it I checked my emails. I found 2 emails: a new client referral and automatic payment sent to my account! 

Therese Tucker

Psychic Intuitive Artist, Blythe Starlight

…financial opportunities have never been brighter…

I just had my fourth session with Rachael and I have had the biggest transformational shift of my journey so far. I feel like I have woken up and my career and financial opportunities have never been brighter, but most importantly, my relationship with my partner and relationship with myself have never been better. 

Cam Bird


I highly recommend her!

Within 48 hours of my first session with Rach, I was able to manifest and close my first high end client. This client reached out to me and wanted to work with me on a long term basis! It was with such ease and grace she came into my business! Rach is a wonderful coach to get you to the next level of your life and business!

Mary Silver