Meet Rach

Relationship Coach For Couples

With Autistic &/or Special Needs Kids


Rach Wilson Divine Relating

About Rach

Uniquely Qualified!

Why is she uniquely qualified?  Because she’s not only professionally qualified (laundry list of certifications below with more coming), but she’s in the same trenches as you… She’s a parent of 2 very special, high needs, kids that she loves and is learning more from every day.

Her and her amazing husband have, and continue to, navigate these challenging (and often VERY sleep deprived) phases that many couples with special needs kids, break up because of, but due to her professional background, they have made it through. 

Rach is down to earth, swears regularly but also prays to God! She’s your no BS, tell-you-what-you-NEED-to-hear coach when you really need to put your big boy/girl pants on, but having been in similar trenches and struggles, she is also your biggest supporter and can help you navigate the struggles to calmer and happier times without killing each other in the process.  

She just wants to help couples who have challenging, autistic or special needs kids, create a resilient and thriving relationship so they can not only survive the challenges these kids bring but increase their happiness, peace, passion and playfulness so their families can thrive too.

With such a long list of professional expertise and experience, she has a Mary Poppins bag of solutions that the average coach doesn’t think of, and she can see things others can’t, particularly because she intimately understands the world and struggles of being a parent to special needs kids. So she doesn’t just think outside the box, she lives outside it and naps when she can.


  • 1 Divorce – Learned a lot of what NOT to do
  • 2nd Marriage – Learned how to thrive – 21+ years together
  • Relationships Coaching and Mentoring – 16+ years on and off
  • Master Practitioner – Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Subconscious Re-Patterning
  • Results Coaching & Life Coaching Certified
  • FLOW & Manifesting Coaching
  • Mentor in Intuition & Business Development
  • Emotion Mastery Teacher (Emotional Maturity Development)
  • Shadow Work & Journey Work
  • Creator of the Source4Shift Method for Personal Transformation and Healing
  • Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Multiple Energy Modalities (Inc Metatronic, Reiki, Christ Consciousness)
  • $80k+ spent on personal development, relationship books and courses, coaches and mentors
  • Currently learning more relationship therapy techniques and various additional methods for trauma healing

Our Special Littles

The journey with these 2 has been such a huge rollercoaster and a full on mixed bag.  They both bring us great joy, equally driving to drink (Jack and Dry if we ever meet in a bar), pull our hair out and slam a door or 2.

Jaks has an intellectual disability on top of being autistic (ASD Level 3 officially) and non-verbal.  He is generally undersensitive sensory wise so does a LOT of sensory seeking and very little normal play. He’s orally sensitive though so chews on everything, which is a relatively new thing. when he was 2 we had to teach him how to put food in his mouth because he never put anything in his mouth up to that point. Oh how things have changed! Now my charger cables aren’t even safe!

He has the receptive and expressive language of a 6 – 12 month old and is very much in his own world, not needing us other than to get him food, water, change the movie, open doors and take him for a drive when it’s all too much.  Affection is very rare but when we get it, it brings tears to my eyes every time. 

His meltdowns are destructive to himself and iPads, so far the TV has survived (touch wood). He has long periods of gut issues that cause him massive distress and almost zero sleep for us, the longest lasting 12 months aka “hell year”.  

Corey is a whole other bundle of…Well, Corey. She is highly social, affectionate, curious, energetic, clever, demanding and OMG if she has the wrong foods, EPIC rages. Typical 3 yr old tantrums are one level, autistic meltdowns another 10 notches up, but she takes it further into highly destructive rages the take up to 2 hours to get her through. 

I still have scars from her bad ones. Imagine trying to put a feral cat into a bath. She’s a bit like that… She hurts herself and if you touch her, she goes at you. Eye gouging, earring ripping, scratching, biting, hitting, kicking, you name it. You wouldn’t know it to look at that angelic face! 

She can be the sweetest little girl and she brings a lot of sunshine to our lives. So does Jaks. Together they stretch us to be more patient, compassionate, to learn about neurodiversity and to do things differently in every way. I think I threw the parenting manual (that I never really had) out the window and I’m still winging it!