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Relationship Coach For Couples

With Neurodiverse Kids!

With 16+ years of professional experience Rach isn’t your typical Relationship or Transformation Coach but is a mum of 4, her 2 youngest both autistic, non-verbal, with diet limitations and a side of sensory challenges, just for fun..

Married for the second time to her current husband since 2003, they have sailed through the usual life challenges but never struggled more than they did through “hell year” with their littles and the health and behavioural challenges they brought.

Having survived that and still be together (feels miraculous) inspired Rach to focus on the couples who have the highest break up rate – Couples with special needs kids!


Listed below are the current workshops that are available. They are run periodically, some are free, some have a cost, CLICK ON THE IMAGES below to find out more.

Virtual Workshop - Epic Relationship & Thriving Business

Private Coaching/Mentoring

Working with couples on their challenges with their relationships, emotions and mindset (aka “baggage”), is an involved process; it has layers and it takes time, there is no quick fix or magic pill as much as we all wish there was. In all areas there is a “journey” to get to “better” and this one in particular can be intense but the rewards are felt by each partner AND the whole family.

Rach has a group program, “Thriving Love, Thriving Us” that provides the perfect mix of training, skills development, and individual inner work to completely transform the trouble areas, while building rock solid foundations for all to thrive. Most people will gain everything they need from this program.

Some people require a very personalised approach due to having such complex issues across multiple areas. Rach does have a custom one-on-one package to suit the needs, limits and desired outcome for those clients.  These packages are done on a case by case basis though, typically for 6 months at a time but Rach has a VERY limited one-on-one clients due to still balancing her life and Mum duties while her 2 littles, are still little.

There is an application process to be considered for one of these places as it takes a lot of her time and energy, and she wants to be sure she is working with people whom she can do her best work with, but who will also be as committed as she is to achieving the desired outcome.

To explore the options and to find the best fit approach for you, the best next action is to book a free call. There is zero obligation and she won’t take you on if you aren’t a good fit but you will both be able to work this out on the call together.